Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well it's YEAR SEVEN that we've been going to TIFF. And every year has been unique and interesting...

We started our first year representing FIVE actors from a TIFF GALA PREMIERE LONG LIFE, HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY (which by the way it was EXACTLY as the title suggested, as we toured the festivals across Canada and to the south of our borders).

Starring (AND IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER) Sandra Oh, Colin Foo, Joseph Chang Tseng, Russell Yuen, Kameron Louangxay, and Christina Sousa Ma. It was a FABULOUS event. GROUP PHOTO's / Interviews / FUN!!! And the fun carried on. Being an OPENING FILM garners lot's and lot's of opportunities and invites. Hard to beat that opportunity.

Then we've had actors in films such as THE LAST KISS (ZACH BRAFF)where not only was it their first red carpet for Paramount BUT we had the luxury/pleasure of being coiffed and attired by CHANEL. PS: WE LOVE CHANEL.

Did we mention SHATTERED GLASS, which again saw us in TIFF & TELLURIDE and PREMIERING IN NY. (It's interesting the connections and threads of people that link all of these together, kind of like the Six Degrees of Separation)From Hayden Christiansen attending through to the HUGO BOSS sponsored party at their elite Yorkville property, and on and on.

So this year will be no different. LOT's of FUN, EVENTS & PREMIERE's... and let's not forget the Norman Jewison ALWAYS TO BE SEEN/NEVER TO BE MISSED BBQ!!! Let's hope for some sun this year shall we!!!

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