Thursday, August 20, 2009

Parties??? Did we mention the PARTIES???

While I'm dealing with the BLOG not allowing me to post some pics of said parties, we'll just highlight the never to miss one's here for you now - FUN pics to follow..

HELLO! Magazine's recent foray into TIFF has seen some of the best parties at the LIBERTY GRAND with GACK to die the more recent BIRKS JEWELLRY with a fabulous ABSOLUTELY IRRESISTABLE (yes that's the name) parfum by GIVENCHY which is NOW my most favourite. (and others concur ;>} ).

NORMAN JEWISON's BBQ at the famed grounds north of Toronto, has had it's highlights which include SUMMER HEAT WAVES to last year's MUD BATH and everything in between. An afternoon of fun and frolic, food and drink and you even get the ride home!!!

OKAY well I'm warming up my tan (not to compete) for the ETALK party that always has Ben Mulroney looking like he just stepped off of the beach (yep even in a suit he still looks that way)!!!

Not to be outdone ET Canada's four nights at the CASA (mi CASA) LOMA in thunder and lightening, red carpet swimming pools until everyone finds cover...Stars attending include the second generation Michael Douglas (san wife) for his feature KING OF CALIFORNIA which screened at TIFF. Rachael Evan Woods in all her glamour. And the place rocked!!!

Okay back to try to upload a few of these pics we promised!!!

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