Thursday, January 15, 2009

Talk about Promotion!!!

Well the GREAT BARRIER REEF & HAMILTON ISLAND in Australia, currently have broken the ceiling on any Tourism job posting that I've ever seen!!! Requesting one minute video's from potential employees to live on Hamilton Island, feeding fish, floating in the ocean, and blogging for 6 months is a job I'm certainly qualified for!!! That being said - their web-site is now so overloaded, no one can upload...POP CULTURE at it's finest... But seeing as how I just got inspired into creating a video (and although my previous career as owner of post-facility doesn't REALLY QUALIFY ME AS AN EDITOR, because those people are definetly creative), but hey - a one minute video is a one minute video right??? So borrowed some music from some friends, looked into my own personal vacation pics, added them in, and hey the turtles were from right here at the Vancouver Aquarium who gave us a great show during VIFF 2008!!! So now SOMEONE has to see it (and please - no comments from the peanut gallery - it's my virgin video!!!)... STAND BY - ISSUES WITH UPLOADING.... DW Reporting xxxxxx oooooo