Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well this last year was something wasn't it???...So now as we enter into the new year, we look ahead to see what trouble (i mean FUN) we can get into, and it doesn't take long to realize that it is going to be a very busy month indeed!!!

Not only are our clients heading into the new year full of vim and vigor - from AMANDA to SILVIO POLLIO's NORTH AMERICAN DVD release of SHUT UP AND SHOOT, starring Joe Cortese, Gary Busey (great job at the rehab Gary - you really showed a lot of people that you are a special person!!!), Tom Sizemore and local DJ - DANGER from CFOX, to SUNDANCE 2009 which should prove (ONCE AGAIN) that the entertainment industry definitely means BUSINESS...

Several Canadian Films are included (but certainly not as many as in previous years which leads me to go HMMMM)....Of course the USUAL SUSPECTS such as Telefilm and the NFB will be there promoting all that Canada has to offer for producers to consider shooting/producing up here in Canada.

If anyone has plans to attend this important film festival, please contact our offices, so we can ensure that your participation becomes a revenue generator!!!