Sunday, November 09, 2008


Canadian Premiere | Grace Park in Attendance

THE VAFF Festival closes with VAFF 2005 alum Michael Kang’s second feature film, WEST 32ND. John Cho and Jun Kim star in this story about an ambitious lawyer who finds himself thrust into a sordid world of hard realities and moral compromises. Also featuring Vancouver talent, Grace Park, WEST 32ND takes us inside New York’s gritty Koreantown underworld. Preceding is the stylish PERMUTE, about an animated woman caught within a film noir setting and the journey within.

Director: Michael Kang | Producers: Teddy Zee, Miky Lee | Writers: Michael Kang, Edmund Lee
Narrative | DigiBeta | Colour | 2007 | 91 minutes | USA

When John (John Cho), an ambitious young lawyer, takes on a pro bono case to exonerate a fourteen year-old boy from a first-degree murder charge, he finds a world he never knew existed in the underbelly of Manhattan.

Infiltrating the knotty and complex realm of organized crime to search for clues, he meets his match, Mike (Jun Kim), a rising soldier in the syndicate. Recognizing John’s determination and daring, Mike brings John into his confidence, furtively drawing him into his own plans to rise within the underworld. Though they become fast friends, they just as quickly end up trying to use each other as they discover they’ll both do anything to win.

Previous Screenings: Tribeca Film Festival, Pusan Int’l Film Festival, DisOrient Asian American Film Festival, Newport Beach Int’l Film Festival, San Francisco Int’l Asian Film Festival

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