Thursday, September 11, 2008

Returned to YVR...on 9/11

YES on the most auspicious date of 9/11, I was on the very early morning (never to be repeated and MANY will not believe I actually did)...7:30am AC flight YYZ/YVR.

It was interesting to note that there were not many travelling (either at that time of day) OR in respecting the event just SEVEN short years ago, but still fresh in everyone's memory.

I remember receiving a call from my former business associates friend, very early in the day, as he was scheduled to leave for NY the very next day. ALSO on that day, MIRAMAX had been scheduled to meet later in am in one of the towers to determine the release date of QUIET AMERICAN - starring Michael Caine and TZI MA...

Obviously neither event happened. My business partner and I decided to sell off our company, AND MIRAMAX delayed the release of QA and entered the film the following year at TIFF.

I remember (along with TZI MA) attending the screening with the late Sidney Pollack in attendance (as well as Michael Caine), AND Danny Glover sat right next to us in the Theatre.

Co-incidentally their screening was days apart from Long, Life, Happiness & Prosperity (starring SANDRA OH & RUSSELL YUEN) which according to my sources at Shaftesbury, is gaining a resurgence of sorts. We were fortunate to have FIVE clients in that one film alone (I think a record of sorts).

A moment of silence for those lost to the terrorist act that will forever be remembered.

DW reporting...