Monday, September 08, 2008

Canadian Walk of FAME...

BRYAN ADAMS - WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? I have never seen anyone walk by a media line soooooo freeakin fast - EVEN PAST ET CANADA - although I'm sure they have enough footage of you and will probably have a one on one later - but REALLY!!!

So here I am with my able bodied camera crew and host (with the most) I GO CHARGING UP THE CARPET AROUND THE CORNER AND at the head of the pack - go SNAP, SNAP SNAP!!! So I'll upload YOU LATER MISTER!!!


Then there is the FABULOUSLY GEORGEOUS SIGOURNEY to support nominee JAMES CAMERON for his ability to create strong female storylines, and change the way HOLLYWOOD THINKS ABOUT AND TREATS WOMEN!!!

MICHAEL J FOX ...who used to live next door to my best friend in Burnaby and where his mother Phyllis still lives today (I'm pretty sure but haven't checked this past year...).

HE WAS ALSO FABULOUS and very kind in his comments, humbled and honoured to be received his star on the walk of fame.

Okay - have to fly - MORE ON THIS LATER...

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