Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well I must say what an exciting year it has been!!! From Sundance Film Festival in January to close with Christie Grace's CD CONTEMPLATION Launch, and all the events and parties in between (THANX METROPOLITAN HOTEL!!!)it has been a rewarding and FUN year!!!

Although a bit negligent towards the end of this year to update our blog (for that we apologize to our regular viewers) it was because there was a personal relocation (YEAH MORE SPACE AT HOME!!!) but that as you all must know - takes planning/strategy Oh - and did we mention PATIENCE???...

Now that I'm settled, it's FULL STEAM AHEAD for 2008!!!

We hope that all our friends and clients south of the border are able to resolve the WGA strike. (WAY TO GO LETTERMAN!!!) It's a beginning!!!

And as we know - when the strike is settled EVERYONE will be on a level playing field, so it's critical to update your bio. So talk to us NOW, so we can make sure that your bio stands out amoung all the others, and have your presence listed on our web-site (we do track these things you know)!

In closing we wish you and your families a very sincere thank you for the past year and look forward to again being a part of your life - STARTING TOMORROW!!!

As always...