Saturday, September 01, 2007


And we're nearly packed and ready to go!!!

From CHANEL to Tonya Lee Williams FABULOUS REEL WORLD INDIE LOUNGE...We'll be there covering all the celeb's, what they're wearing and where they're going!!! Some stills from last years RED CARPETS and other events!!!

Last year's REEL WORLD showcased non-other than Mr. Glover!!! And I believe he's returning AGAIN. And if you check out the IMDB site - you will see - HE IS A VERY BUSY MAN!!!

It's been a while since I'd seen him at the premiere of TIFF's QUIET AMERICAN - while we had a client in tow for that film, and he sat in the seat right next to mine. Thank GOODNESS some people still appreciate POPCORN!!!

Plus he did shoot Lethal Weapon in Vancouver, and we handled the press junket.

KEEP CHECKING BACK - We'll keep you informed on everything we can!!!