Thursday, September 13, 2007


I had that song in my head ALL NIGHT - while at the FABULOUS Casa Loma - WHERE THUNDER AND LIGHTENING (AGAIN) was the highlight!!! First NY then TO!!! What's with that!!!

Anyhow - all moved in from outside on the RED(VERY WET) CARPET!!!...

Honouring the KING OF CALIFORNIA - Michael Douglas was in attendance along with Rachel Evan Wood.

Okay - so it's official - I LIKE THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RED CARPET BETTER!!! All right it's out!!! So unless I get HUGE REVIEWS (OR A HUGE RAISE) ....gonna walk on the right side in the future!!!

I gave it up for our fellow photogs!!! They're the real heroes....holding out - standing up / working HARD!!! Just to make sure they got a few MONEY SHOTS!!!

And hey - you just never know who is going to show - a NOTE TO ALL CELEBS - or really the PEOPLE OUT THERE... Be good to these people - they're the ones who make you look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! Me - I need about ten more inches to my height AND a better camera!!! Here they are - in NO particular order.