Tuesday, May 01, 2007

explorAsian Has Arrived!!!

Here's Joy Lin Salzberg, President of explorAsian, Norman Wong and Sandra Murphy, from SHAW Multicultural Channel.

From the FABULOUS reception held at the WILD GINGER in Tinseltown, to the GREAT People, and equally FABULOUS entertainment by Andrew Kim, who has created his own physical manifestation of fusion of guitar, sitar, and electric guitar (it allll rhymes somehow)....

The music is enchanting, as who else can create the music for an instrument that does not yet exist??? Well - Andrew has created a musical instrument, and found himself in creating the music that is played on this unique magical piece.

Here's the gang from the Indonesian Association of BC, including Budi Setiawan H., and Don Montgomery.

Guests included Don Montgomery (well really he's the host)...Joy Lin Salzberg, President of explorAsian, Greg Chan recently seen in Dragon Boys, Rick Tae, along with our friends from the Dragon Boat Race organizers, and of course - the Gang from SHAW Multicultural Channel.

(Hard WORKING) Partiers included Valerie Sing Turner, and Actor Rick Tae!!!

Hang in - there'll be more to come in the upcoming weeks!!! (it's for a WHOLE MONTH)...and we're participating in the Panel Discussion on the morning of Saturday September 12th!!! So check in and see what's in store!!!