Thursday, April 05, 2007

AVANT GARDE...and Jon Paul....

It's all about ME!!! And boy did Jon Paul and Kevin - make me look fabulous!!! A bit of Barbie meets Farrah... FUN!!! And has Jon Paul - got it all going on!!! WATCH out for all of the fun things they are about to launch!!! (I hope we get invited to the launch party!!!) Admit it - I'm not terribly subtle at the best of times!!! Link to to keep up to date with what's going on in Yaletown!!! Thanx for the cut and style you two!!!

So today it was MY interview with Sunstream Arts & Entertainment...(THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!)...with SHELLY CHARLESTON...a great afternoon at Horseshoe Bay - although it could have been warmer. I reminisced about the OSCAR festivities in LA - at Liberace's suite on the top floor of the building outside by the pool - where the wind was soooo strong - it about took off the tenting!!!

So stay tuned for the upcoming article!!! It's all aobut me!!!