Sunday, March 18, 2007


Okay - so the week - WAS full of interviews from Halifax to Bowen Island...

Starting with Lenore and Urban RUSH!!! Airing this coming Wednesday just in advance of the SHOOTER release on Friday!!! Let's hope Production sends some footage for us to use in time... AND Then last Saturday (not yesterday) it was a full on interview with the BOYS FROM Pyramid Production, Colin and Carey. We all had to wear our gumboots the rain was sooo ridiculous!!!

Friday it was the ALL TALK RADIO 95.7 for FEEL GOOD FRIDAY's with ALL TALK Andrew Krystal of Halifax.

Saturday (yesterday) was CHRISTIE GRACE - ANNOUNCING HER UPCOMING CD with none other than Paul Shaffer (of David Letterman FAME!!!), being interviewed by SHELLY CHARLESTON of SUNSTREAM MAGAZINE...ANOTHER WET day only this time on BOWEN ISLAND at CG's FABULOUS NEW JEWELRY DESIGN STUDIO!!! A quick swim over in the morning for the day...returning just before Sundown.

Will post pics shortly....