Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Well - a great (YET ANOTHER) FERRY TRIP IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT!!! This time (AGAIN) over to Vancouver Island...Weather was great...not toooo cold/rainy etc!!!

Checked into my friends apartment - got settled in then OFF TO THE EMPRESS!!!

A quick glass of wine (okay maybe two - we were there awhile) catching up with all - the likes of the FABULOUS VICKI GABEREAU - HOST EXTRA-ORDINAIRE, TOM ROWE, in charge of the upcoming TIN MAN (never mind all that's on his plate), our dear friends from LA - Marc Halperin and Marla Lewin Halperin, GORDON PINSENT representing AWAY FROM HER, NFB rep and AWARD winner Selwyn Jacob (and for Selwyn's sake, whatever you do - don't add an S to it), Gary Marcuse, CBC, okay I'm going to cut it short on this one!!!

Next up was the SEQUIN GALA...notice the 'special' laniard.

Michael Reid - Columnist, where Friday's column was in the VANSUN expounding the virtues of the VIFVF with expected guests such as DAVID FOSTER - who's night was SATURDAY NIGHT, A TRIBUTE to him and all of his film victories...

BARRY PEPPER supporting his film SNOW WALKER, hosted by VG...

ET CANADA's - Erin, HNR's Robert, and just generally making the rounds, oh and got to meet the MAYOR OF OAK BAY - Mr. Christoper Causton, a great discussion regarding our OASIS project (we want to see an OASIS in EVERY COMMUNITY)!!!