Friday, February 09, 2007

Sunday Sunday...

Well the final push for the Gift Basket Draws from Tilly's Galley, and just meeting a bunch of great people, took up the remainder of the day. Saying goodbye to new and old friends rushing to catch the ferry's later in the day, after participating in some good panels.

Panels in the am included the Andrew Currie/Dir/Writer et al of FIDO, JUST flew in from FRANCE to participate!!! Tink and Ross rounded out the "BUILDING CHARACTER" panel, while over at Publicity 101 our Leri Davies, Shelley N, and Marla Lewin Halperin demonstrated what needs to be done to ensure that all the SWEAT EQUITY gets some pay back.

In fact we have come to realize that most producers/directors et al - do not understand the role of publicity, and rather than "an expense to the bottom line" - we should be considered revenue generators AND included in the WHOLE PROCESS FROM BEGINNING TO END!!! Stay tuned for more information on how Translucent can help you look at the process from the big expansiveness that Publicity is, rather than piecing it out based on budgets!!!

A new view to solve an age old problem - BENEFITS - reducing costs, reducing training time, reducing angst. AND THAT's worth something!!!

This year the VIFVF seemed to be a larger yet largely BC driven event - with some major star profile - this I believe is what will build the anticipation for them next year!!!

Kathy and Randy always look after the filmakers, and this year was no different.