Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Liberace Party....

Soooo that was cool - being in the suite that Liberace used to live in...on the deck - but NOT FOR LONG!!! THE WIND/ THE COLD - hey I could be back in Vancouver or Monique in Montreal for this kinda treatment!!! Howard just thinks we're winers (well I prefer that over a beer)...but really - when the tenting starts to fly up / over - we gotta think we're in Kansas!!! I'm small and I need to be anchored.

BUT what a great event - I wondered how the Kama Sutra people were going to handle things (*well why wouldn't I wonder) but it was all product related - so that was far less embarrassing for all!!!

Although I think Monique got special instructions, (and extra goodies) so I'm not really looking forward to any follow up details...just makes me sound boring!!!

Howard - he's a butter guy!!!

Neve Campbell and her brother, along with Kelly BIG G - and Arthur Roberts were there to name a few.

However Arthur got whisked away by his manager (what a party pooper) to head to another event!!!!

THE FIREPLACE WAS A WELCOME hung there for a bit of a warm-up!!!

Before the next event - we had to get changed and out of our sandals into SWEATERS!!!