Tuesday, February 06, 2007


So - lot's of excitement going on today - as we make sure everyone possible knows that we are 'giving' away THREE FABULOUS GIFT BASKETS FROM TILLY's GALLEY!!! The winners on Sunday are as follows...

Gift Basket No. 1 - Arifin and Wiyula Graham, Victoria BC
Gift Basket No. 2 - Mary Anne Waterhouse, Vancouver BC
Grand Prize Gift Basket - Catherine Ryan, Victoria BC


Now to the PERSON WHO "BORROWED" GIFT BASKET No. 1 - would you be so kind as to forward to me (address on web-site - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!)...I'm sure everyone had a great time at the festival - but it wasn't necessary to pretend we belong to the FRAT brothers!!! And certainly NO reflection on the Film Festival Organizers - Kathy and Randy - who ALLOWED us to arrange this opportunity.