Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well a quick visit to the MEDIA Centre where it ALL happens....a FRENZY of sorts...but for me - it's great to watch people in action.

We'd been receiving a ton of invites to the parties, arranging interviews with as many people as possible...

And preparing for the premiere of SK8-LIFE screening at the HOLIDAY III.

Immediately we hook up with the SUNDANCE CHANNEL who are pulling together a little clip of EVERYONE's statements of their time at the FESTIVAL!!! So Andrew jumped right in like a pro and had a good go at it!!!

A quick heads up to the HARLEY DAVIDSON store where he was pre-taped for a radio interview with RFHX 96....the interview was a hard-hitting, blow by blow about skateboarding - and our ANDREW DID have all the answers!!!! (Please remember - baggage STILL at large - but it's RADIO - so it's OKAY!!!)...

Next up - checking out the VW booth - where we picked up our T's and other GACK from the Gang there!!! ANOTHER FUN THING TO DO!!!

Next up headed over to the Cinema's in time for the screening...In attendance, S. Wyeth Clarkson, Elan Mastai, Patrick White, and Frank Guidoccio - OH - and of course ANDREW WILLIAMSON!!!

Katherine Monk, Vancouver Sun AND BCTV, for the interviews, as well as Movie Central (our friends in CALGARY, AB), producers of MULTIPLE Entertainment style shows)....

As we wanted - BUMS IN SEATS...I headed out for a (YES I KNOW - there is NO OCEAN IN SIGHT) BUT needed a sushi hit!!!

Right next to the theatre - A FAB place called SUSHI MARU - with SMART ALEX (Well he was) serving up his signature (well that's what he said) crunchy salmon roll.......but he's kinda cute...

Sat and enjoyed the company of SCOTT Simonsen - (hey he's cute too)...hmmmm....writer/actor extra-ordinaired!!! Great convo and lot's going on in his camp - look out for more "stuff" from this guy!!! Maybe I'm just meeting a buncha cute guys!!!

Well the fun never stops....Time for dinner (*well I'm done - but my boys are kinda hungry)...and off we go for PIZZA... SAT NEXT to Adam Brody - whose time (well it's about time) is up on the OC!!! Syronara old boy!!!

NOW we're off and running to the PBS party at the Kimball Centre...(CAN'T believe it's been 25 years that SUNDANCE and PBS have been partnering!!!) CONGRATS to all!!!

So who do we run into but the great Rep for Newport Beach FILM FESTIVAL (WITHOUT HIS TUXEDO - HARDLY RECOGNIZED HIM)!!! That's MR. Greg Schwenk!!! Now HE KNOW'S how to throw a party!!! CHANEL goes particularly well down there!!!

Andrew and I head out for the BURTON KICK OFF at Side-Kick Bar...MAYHEM...GREAT DJ's...GREAT MUSIC... Then we have to go....

TO ANOTHER PARTY!!!This time it's celebrating WEIRDNESS!!! Yes - well you know - I've got it alllll goin on!!! Andrew and I grab Wyeth and Frank and off we go....and of course we close the place down!!! WHAT were you thinking!!!

We all head off walking/BUS/or who knows - ME - I think I'm the farthest away - so it takes me a while to get there!!!

It's Just Another Night in Paradise!!! (DAMN I love Phil Collins)...