Monday, January 22, 2007


Lot's of running around...meeting NEW and exciting people in all aspects of the biz!!! Running and booking photo shoots, checking out "shops" (FOR ANDREW SILLY) you KNOW I HATE TO SHOP!!! So a special treat for his little one when he returns home. (CAN'T REVEAL HERE!!! - OR IT WON'T be a SURPRISE!!!)

CAFE BRILLIANCE/XDANCE - POPCORN (MY FAVOURITE)...along with MANY calls from his friends from afar - wishing HIM A HAPPY B DAY!!! AND IT STARTS TO SNOW!!!

And what is SUNDANCE WITHOUT A VISIT TO THE FILMAKERS LODGE (LOUNGE)...First up WireImages JOY - grabs us for a casual Happy shot (yeah I know - IT's NOT ABOUT ME)...what can I DO???)...

Next Englands Sunday Telegraph has a sit-down amoungst all the mayhem (WELL THE POOR DEAR JUST ARRIVED)...While that's all goin on - Getty Images snaps away, and well we could go on!!!

But no WE CAN'T!!! It's off the the party at the Telefilm Suite...Where we are interviewed by Sundance Channel (in depth this time). Next up ETalk Daily, with the hostess with the mostess LAINEY!!! Who is his and Kate, Andrew's wife, FAVOURITE CELEB!!! So out comes the camera phone (remember my earlier comment)...Let's hope for the best...GREAT interview Lainey and the CTV TEAM!!!!

And squeezing into the final moments before Andrew heads out, our friends at MOVIE CENTRAL'S INSIDE MOVIES with Michele as our on air host!!!

David Spaner, Katherine Monk along with shooters Getty (again - BOY DO THEY GET AROUND), and of course INDIEWIRE and WireImage!!! THANX Guys!!! What a great party...

NOTE TO BRIGITTE from Telefilm - remember to send me the pic of the gang!!!

And I'm off the clock!!!! (OFFICIALLY) Andrew heads out to dinner with the Director of SK8-LIFE et al....for a quiet moment before the sold out screening in Salt Lake City!!!

Have FUN Andrew and we hope this was your BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!