Wednesday, December 13, 2006


THE Place to be on Bowen Island last Friday night was at reknowned Jeweller and Songsmith - CHRISTIE GRACE's STUDIO!!!

Christie Grace regailed us with some Christmas Standards along with some of her favourites by Joni Mitchell, and was backed up by Wayne Kozak on Sax, and Michael Creber on the Ivories!!!

OKAY - THE SHOPPING STOPPED to appreciate those great musical moments, but ONLY FOR A MOMENT as everyone had a difficult time figuring out WHAT to purchase for that special someone. BUT HEY - to help with that, CHRISTIE GRACE WHO IS NO SLOUCH - has a FABULOUS Book entitled - WISH LIST - that everyone who sees something they like - can register it - and voila!!! The wish is FULFILLED!!! Hey - I'VE SEEN IT IN ACTION!!!

Not only was the music an added attraction, but the smoked salmon, special hors d'oeuvres, and beverages, kept all in a jovial mood - I mean - WHO LIKES SHOPPING???

Did we mention the cigars???

Our CG Behind the scenes....