Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Well, I do believe I mentioned earlier, that I NEED MORE HELP...someone to do my reporting for me!!!

So LOT"S of parties / events / gatherings and FAB meetings with new and old friends.

First up after a barrage of parties, was our meeting with Ron Crocker and Debbie Currie - the wiz's behind our web-site - yes I KNOW - IT'S NOT ABOUT ME!!! You can link to them through us, and see what they can do for you.

THEN it was meetings with producer/director John Durrant to discuss an upcoming project we're planning on producing!!! YES VIRGINIA, I've "gone to the "other" side"...

Lunch with our FABULOUS accountants - AL BOTTESELLE - of "wait for it", GALLOWAY, BOTTESELLE...who's trying to keep my "sorry butt" out of a sling (AGAIN)!!!

Later catching up with Marcel Zastre, of GML fame, to pick up tickets for the FRIDAY NIGHT EVENT - GO LION'S GO!!!

Next day - walking onto the Bowen Island Ferry - to be met on the other side by Kaz and Johnathan Brownlee, to check out their FAB NEW GALLEY BISTRO for Dinner. Later this month, they will have completed construction on a brand new Cinema directly above the BISTRO for bringing in current movies for the locals and visitors to enjoy!!!

From what I could tell - BOWEN ISLAND IS HOPPING!!! Stay tuned for further details on upcoming events, new menu items and NEW CLIENTS!!! JUST IN TIME FOR FALL!!!