Saturday, September 30, 2006


After arriving a tad late for VIFF 2006 ...seems like we haven't missed anything as Janine McCaw, novelist of OLIVIA'S MINE, a period piece whose story is set in the early 1900's in Britannia Beach, and I made the rounds to THREE events starting with Telefilm's Annual Reception held in the ever increasingly popular VIFF building at Seymour and Davie St....

Attendees included Andrew Ooi, Manager Extra-ordinaire, with his acting client Steph Song. Others included Producer Raymond Massey(fresh from his recent trip to China), Playback's Tracy Houston, Producer, Director etc. David Vaisbord and everybodies favorite - Royal Bank's John Genzel.

Thanx to John Dippong and Shelley N for making sure that every minute was enjoyed before the doors closed and re-opened for the next event!!!

Next up was the CANADIAN IMAGES at the CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL GEORGIA'S BALLROOM...A quick hello to all - played a little fooz ball...A great "catch up" with Andrew Currie after hooking up at TIFF with his film FIDO.

After a quick round through the room, we're OFF to the NSI Celebration in the lower vestiges of the hotel. New friends to meet!!! Including Director, Rob King just arrived from Regina and returning today!!! (I thought WE had it bad)...Other Saskatchewan attendees included Producer Rhonda Baker. Pictured here is Rob King and Janine McCaw!!!

And of course Janine and Shelley N.

A JAM packed night of FUN had by all!!!