Friday, September 08, 2006


Isn't it wonderful???

We rely on it so much and when it doesn't work...well it's frustrating!!!The last two days the server I'm working from won't allow the Outlook program to "send" - It's a Rogers thing. So, I'm working from Gmail - which this am - ALSO wasn't working. NOW WHEN DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN???

Nevermind...we're BACK and we'll be updating regularly from here on in!!!

The last two days have been busy with arrivals etc. so not too much partying to be done. Met up at the DRAKE HOTEL on Queens ST. West. with our latest client Ms. Monique Phillips, whose pivotal role will be seen this week in THE LAST KISS! Check out her bio and credit list on our web-site.

Getting from downtown to where I'm currently staying visiting family in Mississauga, and being the out of towner that I am, didn't realize the bus system and I picked the service that SHORTED my destination!!! So thanx to the goodness of GO TRANSIT and Driver Darlene, kindly "dropped" me closer to my destination at a very early 12:30am. YES I'm a public transit girl - trying to save the world - one vehicle at a time.